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Thermostatic Radiator Valve
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Choosing the right valves for your radiator is crucial for a seamless and efficient heating system. Our valves are designed to provide a perfect fit for radiators and Towel Rails in the UK. With a 1/2" BSP radiator connection, they are compatible with all standard radiators. Additionally, they feature a 15mm pipework connection, ensuring compatibility with pipework of the same size. For those with microbore pipework, we offer valves in 8mm and 10mm sizes, catering to a variety of setups.

Introducing Straight Valves for Timeless Charm
Straight valves are a true savior for older homes, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional and modern styles. These valves are a simple yet essential solution to bring older homes into the modern era without compromising on functionality. Straight valves are suitable for the following setups:
When pipework comes from the floorboard up to the radiator, and the radiator connection is at the bottom.
When pipework runs along the wall or skirting board, and the radiator has connections at the side.
When pipework comes out from the wall and bends up, and the radiator connection is at the bottom.
When pipework comes out from the wall and bends round, and the radiator has connections at the side.
Our straight radiator valves are accompanied by matching lockshield valves, which should be fitted on the return side of the radiator or Towel Rail. This ensures proper control and balance of your heating system.
Thermostatic radiator valves for Energy Efficiency
For those seeking precise temperature control and energy savings, Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) are the ideal choice. These valves feature liquid sensor mechanisms that automatically regulate the flow of hot water to the radiator based on the desired room temperature, as set using the number dial on the TRV head. Our Thermostatic radiator valves also come with frost protection mode, which opens the valve slightly, even when fully switched off, if the room temperature drops below a certain level. This feature prevents damage caused by frozen water and ensures the longevity of your heating system.
Stylish Chrome with a Touch of Black
Our shiny polished chrome valves with a hint of matt black are perfect for modern décor. They effortlessly complement rooms with chrome fixtures and fittings or can be paired with black radiators for a striking contrast. In bathrooms with black tones, these valves can be matched with a chrome Towel Rail to create a cohesive and stylish look. Don't forget to add matching pipe covers to your basket to complete the overall aesthetic and hide unsightly pipework.
Embrace Modern Style and Functionality
With their sleek design and compatibility with both new and existing radiators, our modern radiator valves effortlessly blend style and functionality. Whether you are upgrading your heating system or adding a finishing touch to your home, these valves are the perfect choice to enhance your radiators.
Upgrade your radiator setup today and enjoy the perfect combination of style and performance with our stylish valves.
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