Angled Radiator Valves

Angled Radiator Valves
Thermostatic Chrome Valve

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Angled valves,1/2 15mm Radiator
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These valves have a 1/2" BSP radiator connection and so will fit all radiators and Towel Rails in the UK. The other connection to consider is that of your pipework, these valves have a 15mm pipework connection and so will fit pipework of the same size. We have these valves available in 8mm and 10mm for those with microbore pipework.
Fitting Type
Angled valves are probably the most commonly used valves in homes across the UK, they connect your radiator to your central heating pipework at a 90-degree angle. These Angled valves are the ones for you if your set up is one of the below:
Pipework comes out of the floorboard, and the radiator connection is on the side.
Pipework comes out from the wall and bends up, and the radiator connection is on the side.
Pipework comes out of the wall and the radiator has connections at the bottom, but the valve itself will protrude in front of the radiator, so where this is the case, we recommend corner radiator valves.
All of our angled radiator valves come with matching lockshield valves to be fitted on the return side of the radiator or Towel Rail.
Control Type
Thermostatic radiator valves, otherwise known as TRVs, provide multi temperature control of the radiators in your home – saving energy and money! These valves have liquid sensor mechanisms inside that shut off the flow of hot water to the radiator when the room temperature reached the desired level (which you set using the number dial on the TRV head). All of our Thermostatic radiator valves come with frost protection mode, which automatically opens the valve a little bit, even when fully switched off if the temperature of the room drops below a certain level – preventing your heating system, radiator and pipe from damage caused by frozen water.
Chrome is a great colour to create some shine, without the need for a bold bright colour. With a naturally reflective polished finish, these can be great for smaller rooms to give the illusion of extra space. Chrome also goes with pretty much every colour of radiator or Towel Rail so if you want to play it safe, play it chrome.
Don’t forget to add some matching pipe covers to your basket to complete the overall look and hide unsightly pipework!
Modern radiator valves offer sleek style to suit new and existing radiators in homes with modern décor.

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