Horizontal Column Radiator

Horizontal Column Radiator
2 Column Radiator

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Product Code Pipes Height(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) EN422(ΔT=50°)
Watts BTU
column radiator
Double Pipes.
4 600 202 100 257.76 878.96
6 600 292 100 386.64 1318.44
8 600 382 100 515.52 1757.92
4 1500 202 100 626.32 2135.75
6 1500 292 100 939.48 3203.63
8 1500 382 100 1252.64 4271.50
10 1500 472 100 1565.8 5339.38
4 1800 202 100 747.2 2547.95
6 1800 292 100 1120.8 3821.93
8 1800 382 100 1494.4 5095.90
10 1800 472 100 1868 6369.88

Column radiators, also known as traditional or victorian radiators, are a popular choice for heating homes and buildings. Here are some benefits of using column radiators:
heat output: column radiators have a high heat output due to their large surface area, making them effective in heating up large rooms or spaces.
Style: traditional column radiators add a classic and elegant touch to any room. They are available in various styles and sizes, making them a versatile option for any home or building.
Durability: horizontal column radiators are made from durable materials such as cast iron or steel, making them long-lasting and able to withstand heavy use.
Easy to maintain: column radiators are easy to maintain and clean. Their simple design means that they do not have any intricate parts that could break or require regular maintenance.
Energy-efficient: column radiators are energy-efficient and can help reduce energy costs. They have a large surface area that allows for effective heat distribution, meaning that they do not have to work as hard to heat up a room as other types of radiators.
Eco-friendly: column radiators are eco-friendly as they are often made from recyclable materials such as cast iron or steel. They also do not require any electricity or additional energy sources to function, making them a sustainable heating option.
Overall, column radiators offer many benefits, from their high heat output to their elegant style, making them a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

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