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How to choose a good quality heating radiator

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Choosing a good radiator for heating can be seen from the material and workmanship.
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1. In terms of steel materials: the quality of steel raw materials is directly related to the service life of the radiator. At present, the main pipe adopts seamless steel, and the branch pipe adopts low carbon steel, which is an ideal combination.
2. Surface treatment: To ensure that the outer surface of the radiator is smooth and shiny, durable anti-corrosion, phosphating, electrophoresis, resin electrostatic spraying, and high-temperature baking are all indispensable.
3. Internal anti-corrosion treatment: Internal anti-corrosion is very important, because the current heating water quality is uneven due to system and equipment reasons, more advanced internal anti-corrosion technology can choose nano water-based anti-corrosion coating.
4. Welding: Welding technology has been able to provide the possibility of internal welding for the heating radiator, and the internal welding of laser high temperature is safe.