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Reasons for radiator noise and how to deal with it

Click:257 / Publish:2022-11-08 14:08
While the radiator brings warmth and comfort to everyone, it also makes unpleasant sounds during normal operation of the heating system due to various reasons, making people unable to sleep at ease. Here, the heating radiator editor summarizes the causes and treatment methods of radiator noise, hoping to truly solve your problem.
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1. The sound of water flow:
Phenomenon: When you hear the sound of "crashing, splashing", it means that there is a lot of air in the heating system. When the air and water flow at the same time, it will cause a local shortage of water and insufficient flow, so that the water flows inside the radiator. The suspension flow sags and hits the inner wall to make a sound.
Reason: When the cold water is heated, the air will overflow from the water. If the system pipelines are complicated, especially if many pipelines go through a curved bend, air will accumulate at the elbows, which will lead to this situation.
Solution: Install a precision decontamination device with an exhaust valve on the output line of the water pump.
2. Whistle:
Phenomenon: There is a whistling-like sound inside the radiator, which is relatively sharp.
Reason: The local flow rate of the radiator is too fast, and the inner wall of the radiator is quickly washed and a sharp sound is emitted. This situation is often because the temperature control valve is installed on the radiator. When the temperature of other rooms reaches the set temperature, the radiator has been closed. Only one or two groups continued to work, creating a situation where the flow rate was too fast.
Solution: lower the pump by one gear when the system lift is sufficient, or install a differential pressure bypass valve at the inlet and outlet.
3. Resonance sound:
Phenomenon: The radiator makes a continuous "humming" sound, especially in the dead of night at night.
Reason: The radiator fins resonate at the same frequency as the water pump and the system, which makes the radiator fins vibrate and make sounds.
Solution: Nylon damping gaskets must be installed on all radiator mounting brackets and radiator hooks, and the water pump gear should be lowered when the lift is sufficient.