Compact Convector Radiator

Compact Convector Radiator
Steel Panel Radiator

Easy Heat Conductivity, Popular Style Heating Radiator
Compact convector radiator, steel panel radiator,heating radiator uk
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compact convector radiator

Item Size Center Distance Thinckness  Water Content EN422(ΔT=50°) Working Pressure 
Steel panel radiator
Compact Convector Radiator
MM MM MM L Watts BTU Mpa
600*1000 545 100 4.4 2211 7539.51 0.6
600*1400 545 100 6.16 3096 10557.36 0.6
600*1800 545 100 7.92 3980 13571.80 0.6
600*2000 545 100 10.56 5307 18096.87 0.6

Type 11 - Single Panel - Single Convector Radiator Type 21 - Double Panel - Single Convector Radiator Type 22 - Double Panel - Double Convector Radiator Type 33 - Triple Panel - Triple Convector Radiator

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panel radiators are a popular type of heating appliance that are widely used in homes and buildings. They are known for their efficiency, simplicity, and ease of installation. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of panel radiators and how they can be a great choice for your heating needs.
panel radiators are made up of flat panels that are connected to a series of pipes. These panels contain channels that allow for hot water or steam to flow through, which in turn heats the surrounding air. panel radiators come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them a versatile option for many different spaces.
One of the benefits of panel radiators is their efficiency. Because they contain a large surface area, they are able to transfer heat to the surrounding air quickly and effectively. This means that they can heat a room more efficiently than some other types of heating appliances, such as electric heaters.
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