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Why do my heat radiators in my house sound like water is running in them when they are on?

Click:257 / Publish:2023-05-28 12:35
If your heating radiators are making a sound resembling water running when they are turned on, it is likely due to a phenomenon known as "water hammer" or "pipe knocking." Here are a few possible reasons for this occurrence:
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Trapped Air: Air bubbles can become trapped within the heating system, particularly in the radiators. When the water circulates through the radiator, these air bubbles can cause a gurgling or bubbling noise. Bleeding the radiators to release trapped air can often resolve this issue.
Thermal Expansion: As the water heats up within the radiator, it expands, and this expansion can create pressure within the system. This pressure can lead to the pipes or radiator components shifting slightly, resulting in the knocking or banging sound. Ensuring that the pipes and radiators are properly supported and secured can help alleviate this problem.
Water Flow Issues: If there are obstructions within the heating system, such as partially closed valves, mineral deposits, or debris, it can disrupt the smooth flow of water. This can cause turbulence and lead to the water hammer effect, resulting in the noise. Flushing the system or checking for and removing any blockages can help restore proper water flow.
Incorrect Pump Speed: If your heating system has a circulating pump, the speed settings may not be properly adjusted. If the pump is running too fast, it can create excessive water pressure, leading to the knocking sound. Adjusting the pump speed to the manufacturer's recommended settings can rectify this issue.
Expansion Tank Issues: heating systems often include an expansion tank that helps absorb the pressure changes caused by thermal expansion. If the expansion tank is faulty, water hammering noises can occur. Inspecting the expansion tank and ensuring it is functioning correctly, or contacting a professional for assistance, can help address this problem.
It's important to note that diagnosing and addressing heating system issues can vary depending on the specific setup and configuration of your system. If you are unsure or uncomfortable handling these matters yourself, it is recommended to consult a qualified heating technician or plumber who can assess your system and provide appropriate solutions to resolve the noise issue.